by admin on January 22, 2011

Sangha Artista is A place for professional a well as new  musicians, artists, poets, singers, dancers, and storytellers to showcase their works or updates on calendar events while networking with other like hearted people in the Reno /Tahoe area. Not like Facebook..  more like ‘ArtBook’

Implicit in this description is the distinction of a ‘hub of artistic life” as being different from an arts presenting organization.   Without a creatively intensive community of peers our Biggest Little Artown City will have little power to attract new artists, while at the same time our capacity to retain local artists, excelling in their discipline, will diminish as they leave in search of a more vigorous artistic life in other cities or countries.

In a small but concentrated way, this Sangha will endeavor to forge such a community, diverse in both discipline and cultural root, aimed at integrating artistic excellence into local non-arts community life. The UK has inspired such ad-ventures through EcoTheatre and Transition Town which are spreading across the US.

TransitionReno launched last Fall at UNR and is gathering momentum with other local Green and sustainable organizations. http://ecotheatre.co.uk/ and http://www.transitionus.org/ andhttp://transitionreno.ning.com.

This new site is a ‘Love in Progress’; your comments & suggestions are meaningful to our success! Make sure you click on the “Subscribe” button at the top to receive updates by email. Come back soon … for informative insights about our developing Community of Artists.